On-Scene Investigations

The Investigations Division coordinates the on-scene investigations of major incidents. Detectives investigate crimes that require an extended time commitment, expertise, or sensitivity. Detectives also conduct follow up on some crimes initiated through patrol reports. Serious crimes may require special expertise and more lengthy investigation than uniformed patrol officers can provide. The mission of the Investigations Division is to solve crimes and thoroughly prepare cases for prosecution.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Investigations Division is responsible for coordination and follow-up of major crimes, such as homicide, robbery, sexual assault, fraud, and burglary. Investigators also track registered offenders that have been released from custody. Detectives primarily interview victims, suspects and witnesses, prepare and execute search or arrest warrants, conduct surveillance, gather evidence, process crime scenes, interact with attorneys and judges, testify in court and secure property and evidence.

Responsibilities for this division include investigation of major crimes and crime series; sensitive investigation of sexual assaults and child abuse; and suppression of gangs and drugs.

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