Parents' Roles & Responsibilities

Fathers and mothers are important in the lives of their children. Parents are encouraged to be involved with their children's lives whether or not they live with them. Staying involved with your child is important and helps children develop and have better outcomes.

You make a difference in your children's lives. Be there for them.

Financial Responsibility for Your Child

Both parents are responsible for contributing financially to the care of their child. If you are a parent and you do not live with the other parent of your child, you may be asked to pay support. Child support can include:

Working With Your Child Support Office

The more you know about Minnesota's child support program, the better you will be able to exercise your rights and responsibilities under the law. This will help you be more successful in providing support for your children.

Minnesota's child support program helps:

Reporting Changes

Help the child support office by reporting changes that affect your case in a timely manner and providing information when requested.

Reporting Changes That Affect Your Case

Contact your county child support office if:

Public Assistance

The child support office expects parents to participate in their cases. If you receive public assistance, know that:

If You Receive Public Assistance Info

Economic Assistance

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