Crime Prevention

Stop Crime Before It Happens

The Crime Prevention Division of the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office provides community and problem orientated policing concepts, along with educational programs for the citizens of the county.

The Crime Prevention Division develops partnerships with Goodhue County citizens and organizations to help enhance the quality of life in our towns, cities, neighborhoods, and rural communities, to reduce crime and improve the standard of living for all Goodhue County residents.

Learn to Protect Yourself

Criminals usually need three elements to perpetrate a crime, the Desire, Ability and Opportunity. If you can reduce one element you have substantially lowered you chances of being a victim. You can do this by just making small changes in your daily life. You can start by locking the doors and windows of your home. Lock your car and be observant about what’s going on around you. Don’t let your guard down because there is a lack of crime in your area. Contact a Crime Prevention Deputy to learn more tips on keeping you and your belongings safe.

By increasing the risk of the offender being apprehended, increasing the effort required for the offender to commit the offense, and by reducing the rewards available to the offender, it is possible to reduce the risk of victimization.

Crime Triangle

The Crime Prevention Division gives the citizens of Goodhue County the resources to break this triangle.

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office goal is to provide its citizens with the information needed to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of Personal or Property Crimes.


The Crime Prevention Division participates in the following programs. National Night Out, TRIAD, Neighborhood Watch, Citizens Academy, and Crime Free Multi-Housing.

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office also provides free presentations to community groups and government organizations on various topics including; Police Canine Program, Emergency Response Team (SWAT), ATV / Boat and Water / Snowmobile Safety, Drug Use, Identity Theft, and Personal Safety. To set up a presentation contact Deputy Jen Jannett at 651-267-2869.

Community Engagement

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