The Goodhue County Adult Detention Center is operated by Sheriff Marty Kelly and administrated by Captain Mark Bolster. There is one Lieutenant that assists the administrator and five Sergeants that supervise the individual crews. There are four detention crews comprised of one shift commander (Sergeant) and eight Detention Deputies, each of whom supervises the housing units, intake, and master control. There is a court shift crew comprised of three Detention Deputies and one sergeant whose duties include manning the court holding area, court escorts and security, and internal movement.

Training & Compliance

The Court Crew Supervisor is also our Training and Compliance Sergeant who is responsible for maintaining staff training and facility compliance with Minnesota Department of Corrections standards and rules as well as departmental policy and supervises all training officers.

Support Staff

There is one full-time and one part-time Facility Support Staff person who, under the direction of the administrator, performs clerical duties and is also responsible for purchasing, inventory, record keeping, accounts payable, and financial issues. We have one Programs Director who supervises the detainee programs and services department, which provides recreational, educational, and spiritual programming and services and is also responsible for maintaining the Sentence to Service and Work release programs.

Health Needs

Additionally, we contract with Advanced Correctional Healthcare for nursing and medical services. Nursing staff is available to the detainees 5 days a week from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. We have a visiting physician one day a week to address medical needs and a mental health professional one day a week to address psychological issues.

Food & Laundry

Our food and laundry services are contracted through Skillet Kitchen. Skillet Kitchen provides us with a food service director and 2 cooks for the kitchen who are assisted by detainee labor. The laundry is staffed entirely by detainee labor.

Adult Detention Center

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